Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Odyssey

Identity plays a large role in Homers epic poem The Odyssey. Through out the poem there are many cahnges in identity physically and few changes in indentity emotionaly and mentally. Odysseus has and identity of bravery and often revered as and epic hero. However, how much control did he actually have in aclaiming that identity. Odysseus is often portrayed as a prideful man who finds it hard to humbel himself till later in the story. Is his identity bestowed upon him due to his nobel acts or because he claimed himself to be a "hero"?

Homer also illustrates other aspects of human identity, shaped by individual actions so they may be recognized by the outside world. Home almost presents Odysseus in two ways, first by his internal identity as ruler and king, son of Laertes and father of Telemachos. Secon, Homer presents Odysseus through his journey and how his journey shaped him. neither of these, however, are directly controlled by Odysseus himself. His identity is almost fully controlled by oustside sources i.e Gods, events and birth rights.

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