Sunday, August 29, 2010


The identity of Humbert in Vladimir Nabokov's "Lolita" is in the hands of the reader. Though he doesn't view himself as a pedophile, the reader sees him as a disgusting carecter who takes advantage of younger girls. He has no control over his identity because of the controversial acts he commits. He, in a way, is stating that one is identified by thier actions and not by who they are as people.
Lolita's identity is also not necessarily in her hands. As she is a child and still growing, she is a much more malleable charecter. Humbert practically treats her as clay, as he bends her to his will. She is therefore not seen in the same light as Humbert. Identity, in this stoy is almost a case of nature v. nurture. By nature Humbert an awful man and therfore is seen in such way. However, Lolita was raised in such a dissagrable fashion, and by nurture she is not an innocent little girl. Her charecters identity is not, however, that of a whore. As she grows up, she does indeed have more power to choose how to be and who she is. Is age a factor in how much control one has over thier identity?

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