Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Stranger

Identity and finding identity plays a bit of a diffrent role in The Stranger. Muersault doesn't necessarily struggle to find his identity, but rather the importance of having an identity or a life. Because his charecter is such a hollow man, identity doesnt really mean much to him, as an identity is linked to the emotion and personality of someone. However, the outward identity of people create a spark of intrest in Muersault. I think that he finds so much intrest in others identity so he can shape his own.
The whole book expresses the notion that humans are living in a endless quest for meaning. Prehaps this meaning is thier identity, and we cant have meaning in our lives unless we give it to ourselves. Unlike the previous books this year, The Stranger gives the idea that only we can give ourselves identity and purpose.
However, the preface to The Stranger sheds a diffrent prespective on identity in the book. Muersault doesn't lie and always says what he is thinking. Prehaps he is more intune with his identity then anyone else because he is secure enough to always say what he wants and even rather die then go back on what he feels. Unless people tell the whole truth, they arn't being true to themselves and therefor arn't being true to thier identity. Or maybe the human identity is lying....