Sunday, December 12, 2010

Raskolnikov Who?

Raskolnikov struggles through the entire book to find his identity. Is he a crimminal? Is he a superior human being? Is he a man of God? Not only does he not know who he is, his friends and family have no ide who he is. His identity is amolt entierly up to the reader. At the beginning he is a mentally ill man whi is struggling with skisofrenia (so it seems). At times he is a giving, caring man and at times he is a reclusive, angry man. However at the end of the book, he finds himself through God, or begins to. Prehaps Dostoevsky is making a statment about identity and God. Everyone finds themself with God, and you will always be who he intended you to ultimatley identity isn't up to the individual after all.

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