Sunday, December 12, 2010

Henry IV

Identity plays a huge role in Henery IV. King Henry himself, is not actually king. Prince Hal, hides his "true identity" as a royal from everyone till the time is right. This however is ironic, as Prince Hal isnt actually a prince because his father stole the crown, so his true identity isn't ever royal. Everyone in this play is trying to assume some identity that isn't rightfully thiers. Hot Spur is trying to be king, Falstaff is trying to be in the royal court along with various other Pub Crawlers. But as the book comes to a close, most of these attempts at un-rightfull identies fail. It's almost as if Shakespear is saying you are what you are and you cant truley be anyone else. Along with the idea in Oedipus Rex, cuses, mayhem or just bad luck comes when one tampers with thier place and identity in society. Even when Hal does become King, his identity is still that of a lowley Pub Crawler becase his charecter isn't honest. Don't messy with who you really are, or hide your identity form others, for you will always bee seen in the same light.

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