Saturday, February 26, 2011

Beloved Identity

In Toni Morrisons Beloved, identity is defined by the past, memories and other people. Sethes's idetity is defined by all three. She is a mother, but only because she has children. Withouth them she wouldnt be a mom, and therefore her children actually have control of that aspect of her identity. However, her past has an even greather impact over who she is. Sethe is ultimatley comsumed by her past, and is defined by her life as a slave, rather then the free woman she is. For example Beloved, who represents Sethes past, seems to be sucking the life out of her at the end of the book, she no onger has control over her actions or who she is, and beloved/her past takes the reins. Paul D is another charecter who is defined by his past. His identity is also that of an ex slave, and there is nothing he can do to erase that pasrt of his identity, yet he has more control over his identity then Sethe, as he puses the past behind him. Beloved herself, as a charecter who maynot be exactly human, has an identity purly driven by the meomories of others. She is defined by the lives of others an feeds of stories of the past. Her identity may just be an illusion. Toni Morrison makes a point to tell readers that thier past is stronger then believed, that it actually defines thier identities.

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